We are so much more than a counseling center. We are highly interested in the mental well-being of our schools, businesses, community, and local faiths. In essence, we all need the inner strength that can come from mental health counseling. Schedule or inquire about a presentation for your church, business, school, or your community organization.


Today, essentially every adolescent in the United States has been exposed to harmful impacts in some form by the time they graduate from high school. Teens, pre-teens, and even children are encountering it at increasingly younger ages.

This has a wide range of ramifications, including how they view themselves, their body image, their understanding of healthy relationships and sexuality, the development and management of mental health challenges such as depression, and the development of compulsive behavior.

We can help school administrators, faculty, and students to address these issues in productive, educational, and non-shaming ways. Learn tools to overcome the influence of pornography.


Businesses often face the challenge of trying to help their employees to manage immersive technology distractions, including accessing pornography and excessive time on personal devices.

One 2012 estimate suggests that the annual productivity loss for companies in the United States due to employees viewing pornography is worth a staggering $16.9 billion dollars1.

We can help you create and fortify a tech culture that helps to maximize focus, effectiveness, accountability, and personal fulfillment.

1. Retrieved from August 2018.

Church Organizations

We commonly do (free) presentations for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the form of fifth Sunday lessons, firesides, etc. and can present to other church organizations as well. Concepts that we typically cover include the following:

  • Brain science and physical and spiritual thirst
  • How compulsive behavior can develop
  • Impact of compulsive behavior on individuals and families
  • Elements of healing and recovery
  • How families can work together in healthy ways to manage the prevalence & impact of pornography
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